Free manual for mpx200 upgrade

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Unlock Motorola Moto X, Network Unlock Codes

I've made a set of tools that can assist in cooking your own WM5 ROMs.

Headset - Openmoko

These tools were tested only on Blue Angel devices. Universal and Wizard support is also present, but it is untested, so the tools may crash or turn your device into brick.

Lexicon MX200 - Sound On Sound

Firmware upgrade manual - Baudisch

But it is possible to extract files from universal/wizard ROMs and use them on other devices. mamaich, would for example replacing the internet explorer exe be enough to get it to render gifs correctly? Also is it necessary to use the other tool you linked to as it appears your tool can add and delete files itself?

The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair and Upgrade.

I've attached 2 archives - make_hv.rar, a tool from Platform Builder that can be used to recreate . Usage: make_[-nosplit] The file would be used as a template, its contents would be overwritten. If Rec is present in the current directory, all modules are reconstructed as working DLLs/EXEs and placed in the corresponding subdirectory. The typical process should be: prepare_imgfs_raw_...modify "dump" directory as you need... or have I use 'modules as directories' [like directories dumped with View Imgfs] 2. thanks Edit: Forgot to add, thanks for your hard work.

Free manual for mpx200 upgrade:

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