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We entered the building features for either house in detail (walls, roof, glass, duct system etc.), but as a conservatism we chose an 95o F outdoor desn temperature rather than the 91o F, suggested by calculations indicated a cooling system of 3.88 tons for the standard home (4 tons) and 1.73 ton (2 tons) for the PVRES house.

Trane Installer's Guide Air Conditioner/Heat Pump 4TTZ0/4TWZ0.

Although, the two ton system for such a large home (2,425 square feet) is hy unusual, variable speed indoor air handler to provide optimum efficiency, humidity removal and quiet operation.

<strong>Trane</strong> Installer's Guide Air Conditioner/Heat Pump 4TTZ0/4TWZ0.

Variable Speed AC/HP Certification Trane - Salt Lake City, UT.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of the combination is 14.4 Btu/W; the analogous Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) is 8.5 Btu/W.

Trane XL16i Heat Pump Installation Manual - Bay Area Services

For the standard home we utilized the a standard efficiency 4-ton (SEER = 10.0 Btu/W; HSPF = 7.0 Btu/W).

Trane xl1400 variable speed manual:

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