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The only thing critical is the size and weht, but that does not diminish its versatility and power.

Metz 45CL-1 Flash Unit Reviews -

I used this for may manual medium format cameras and Nikon dital cameras.

<em>Metz</em> Flashes Mecablitz 45 CL-1 PDF User's

Mecablitz Metz

This unit is the beginning of the Metz handle mounted flashgun family for powerful flash lhting.

Metz Flashe 45 CT, 45CL-4, 32 CT, mecablitz 36 CT 2

The Metz mecablitz 45 CL-1 offers hh lht output and simple handling. Intended for the owners of non-AF search and SLR cameras. Small recharge time (sometimes this flash unit (in "A" mode) can be used at 12 fps with my Sony A57 and Chinese adapter YN-H3).

Metz 45cl instruction manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates