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-To force fridge defrost element to come on, press “Freezer” button a second time.

Samsung Refrerator 65602 User Guide

-To force defrost on both the refrerator and freezer sections, press the “freeze” button a third time.

<i>SAMSUNG</i> Refrerator Parts

SAMSUNG Refrerator Parts

In the event that a Samsung refrerator has a defrost issue, the temps inside both sections will gradually rise. Need to test parts on evaporator but can’t because frost is to thick to access.

SOLVED SR42NMB mon refrerateur est de la

The frost builds up so thick the fan motor can’t pull air across the coils to cool properly. The defrost heater in the freezer is a (215 watt 120vac) cal rod element.

Manual refrigerador samsung cooltech dynamic:

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